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We were both sweating (his room was really hot) but neither of us cared. He then put a condom on, I watched him, he was very nervous, we didn’t star... straight away, we slowed down with passionate kisses, and then he kissed me slowly and steadily down my chest, around both my breasts and then finally reached “it”. He started playing around with his mouth and licking, it felt soooo nice; I was so alive and felt sort of tingly. After a little while of that, he stopped and we hugged (lying down of. Occasionally when I would look over at Mary, I would notice that her hand seemed to be rubbing at the crotch of her shorts.At 10:00, Mom sent us off the bed. I continued to read my book until I saw the light in the bathroom go off. After a few minutes, I got up and put on my pajamas and went into the bathroom to pee. I thought I heard a faint moaning from Mary's room, so I switched off the light and cracked open the door to her room. I could see in the light from a streetlight outside that Mary. "We want to know something," the fat girl said, a leer on her face."What?" asked Angela."How come you waited till we was all out of the showers today, before you went in?"Helplessly, Angela shrugged her shoulders. What was the point of trying to explain? She had heard enough of these girls' conversations today to know that the very idea of modesty was a completely foreign concept to most of them. Their talk was liberally spattered with references to "tits" and "cunts" and "cocks" and "pricks" —. I lacked the strength to offer even a token resistance, but the men didn’t care. The last of the Nixon men got up, but instead of being replaced by a friend, he rammed a vibrator into my aching hole and taped it into place. Before leaving me there, alone in the darkness, the same large man that held me so tightly attached a red leather dog collar around my neck, then fastened it to the bed post with a leash. He unplugged the phone from the wall, took an envelope from his coat pocket,.

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