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At the sight of his erection, I stopped listening to him and paid attention instead to the thoughts running wild inside of my head. I pictured him whi...pering in my ear, “I’ll see you in the bathroom, boy”. I’d stand up and he’d follow. If anyone asked, we both had to use the bathroom really bad and the other one was occupied. He’d bend me over the dirty toilet in the ill-lit dive bar bathroom, cup one hand over my mouth while the other clasped my throat, and slamfuck the living Jesus out of me.. I was appreciated for the narration and she told her name was Reshma and her age to be around 40 and she was also from Bangalore itself.The focus of conversations was on my previous affair instead of me. She wanted to how much time was taken before the meeting and how we met so on. This boring chat went on for a few days but she was being friendly. So, we continued the chat and upon inquiring she said her sex life was also satisfactory. Then I lost hopes of meeting my reader and I was hesitant. My husband left and apologized to Josh for bailing. It was just me and him left. Josh and I continued to make small talk while passing the hookah pipe back and forth. It was getting cumbersome to keep passing it back, so I moved and sat beside him on the same couch. We continued our conversation as I replaced the coal on the hookah pipe.I had a couple more drinks and felt my buzz getting stronger. Then something happened. Josh put his hand on my leg. I was taken aback, but against my better. Chelsie was considering masturbating again when her Mom walked in, “Hey Hon, I know this is a lot to ask but with my brothers coming over for Christmas we will probably need somebody to take them back to the hotel at the end of the night, which means no drinking.” Chelsie was only 19 so she couldn’t legally drink anyways but maybe she could sneak in another fuck with Dale while he’s here. “Yeah, mom. No problem.”Christmas Eve came along and Chelsie had a pretty good time. Even though she wasn’t.

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