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"Art." Yes, Barb." I'm going to fasten the claw to something on the chopper. It's leaking fuel and that's not good." Very good, Barbara," complimented...Andrea."Thank you, sir."Art called out, "Slack line, Barb. On the bottom."The cable was very visible in the lights. Barb attached the cable with her remote hand and dragged it to the small vehicle. The cockpit door was open ... she reached in with the pincer, clipped the seatbelt of the pilot and pulled the body out. The gentle Gulf stream wafted. “Yes, I think that you will find that he enacted a law. A law, that was put in at the insistence of his first Queen. I believe that it states: In the event that any in the palace, staff or otherwise are in any way injured. Then the attending palace doctor’s orders cannot be superseded nor expunged. The palace doctor will be designated as the attending named palace doctor or another that has been called in.” Smirking at a wide opened mouth Roth she continued. “Since it was the Queen that ordered. Ted 'billed and cooed' with her, fighting the urge to grab her and lock lips!When it was time, they meandered back to the estate, hand in hand.It's amazing how elders can read into a stare or a look and immediately fathom what's taking place.Maybe Sophie could smell pheromones, but the first thing she said to Ted alone after seeing them walk up the estate grounds together was, "Cradle robber!"Ted had no defense, except to say that he was only talking with her, but that didn't explain away his. Of course he texted back, “oh just a blast.” I couldn’t help myself and I texted back, “Well you could have more fun with me.” I knew my text would get his mind running and it was a bit suggestive for me to say such a thing. The day went on and we all went home after the events were over and I didn’t think much else of it. It was normal for me to have Wednesdays off and I was home cleaning and doing laundry. To my surprise there was a knock on the door, I never had visitors on my day off. It.

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