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Catherine entered the dual entrance of the nationally reviewed restaurant, ignoring the admiring gazes of the few well-dressed businessmen waiting for...tables. She sought out the location of her friend from the hostess.“That gown is beautiful on you. I had to earn decent clothes from that Fossil, unlike you.” Standing, the former student become Master, returned the current student’s hug.“Thanks. This is for you.”Moria O’Shannan waited until the waitress took the young lady’s drink order and left. We shared a dessert and I let Kim choose. She picked what I would have picked anyway and we laughed about that. I had been pretty tense when we first arrived, but as the evening progressed I found myself more and more relaxed. Kim had a way of making me feel that I didn't need to perform for her. We were two adults out to have a pleasant evening.When the table was cleared we adjourned to the lounge part of the establishment where the dance floor was set up. There would be a four piece combo. . He didn't look interested. It was clear that he didn't want anybody getting in with a camera.All of us did so swear and sign. We then each paid $20.00 for entrance.The house was large and old, with a big, square living room. At one end were a pair of wide sliding doors leading to a parlor or dining room. The doors were closed.Sofas and chairs were arranged facing these doors. There were about twenty people already seated, waiting. There were only three other women present.There was very. It was themost wonderful sensation, and I almost came straight away. There Alice lay on herback, naked apart from a pair of sheer tights, her legs held apart, each hand holding a cock, whilst our hands grasped herbreasts tight! I shifted my weight slightly so her thigh rested gently againstthe tip of my penis, and savoured the sensation.Then thestrapping resumed. With each blow Alice gripped mymanhood tightly, and I faced a constant battle amongst the despairing shrieksto stop myself coming. As.

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