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Slowly Beka lifted her hands from Charlies chest and pointed her elbows upwards as if she was dancing but at the same time moving her hips so that the...penetration went deeper. Charlie groaned with pain as he felt her screwing down on his sex. His pressure on her hips grew stronger as if he was afraid to fall. At one point his muscles relaxed and he knew that they had succeeded, he glimpsed at the girl on top of him whose short hair was swinging with sweat. Her eyes were half-closed, as if in. She had questioned several students at the college who she had caned, and learnt from those questions how to maximise the punishment, both in terms of pain and giving the student the time between strokes to tell herself not to be naughty again. With Ella, she saw how she clasped hold of the table after each stroke showing she didn’t want to earn any more strokes, but also how she yelped as her head was thrown backwards and was then shaken from side to side, together with hissing in and out. When they gave her a questioning look she had simply said, "Don't ask I will explain later for now just do it."Tes led Kathy and Suzie into the intensive care area where the patients who had missing limbs and terrible burns were. The two visitors went to each one and touched them then explained, "We can not replace missing limbs with our powers, but we can heal the burns and internal injuries which we have done."As Tes watched the terrible burns that Autumn had suffered over almost eighty. This was disgusting and unsanitary. Her asshole quivered against my tongue. She clenched her ass, and a fart hissed out of her, directly into my mouth. I felt a burst of hot air blow into my mouth, immediately filling my senses with the overwhelming smell and taste of shit. I could feel anxiety swell up in my chest. "Holy fuck, she's really going through with this," I worriedly thought to myself. Her rosebud convulsed violently in my mouth, retracting and protracting until it began opening..

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